Why You Should Wait Until You Are 30 To Get Married

Times are changing and nothing is that simple as it used to be. Nowadays, there are a lot of independent men and women who decide to postpone marriage until they get everything they want out of life. For some, especially for older people, such a decisions are wrong and a waste of a precious time. But because it becomes more frequent, in this article we want to show you some honest reasons why it is advisable to wait until the age of 30 to get married, instead of doing it at 20.

You know what you want.

You’re not going to waste time dating someone in your 30s when you know it’s not going anywhere, so the partner you marry will be someone with whom you can have a successful future.

By your 30s, you’ve hopefully learned how to manage money.

Finances are a huge source of conflict for couples and a reason many young couples divorce. Who wants to spend all their nights fighting about cash flow?

You’ve Gotten Your Solo Life Out of Your System

 Waiting to get married means you can cater to your undying travel bug without the consultation and approval of a spouse, have the disposable income to spend freely on nights out (you’ve yet to buy a house and have kids, after all), and – if you’re still single – making out with a sexy stranger is always an option. Because you’ve had an extra few years to do it all, you’ll likely have gotten it all out of your system by the time you finally lock it down.

 Marriage Is Forever; What’s The Rush?

This is what always gets me. What’s the point of getting married? Other than to save money on your taxes, of course. Most people will give “stability” and “assurance” as an answer. Well, if your relationship isn’t stable before you get married, and you aren’t sure that your lover will just run off at any moment, then what makes you think that will change once you say “I do”?

In fact, if your relationship isn’t stable now, it will certainly only get worse once you’re married. Marriage makes people feel trapped – because, by definition, it is forever – until death do us part. Why get married sooner rather than later? If you’re worried your partner won’t be around later, then definitely don’t get married; you’ll save yourself a whole lot of trouble by not having to go through a divorce. Not to mention money. Lawyers are expensive.

Your Wallet’s in Better Shape

For all the spending on travel and nights out, your general financial state is way healthier than it was in your mid-twenties (when it was on life support). Not only have you finally begun to reap the financial rewards of all of your pavement pounding in your career, you’ve finally tackled the art of budgeting and saving. That means, that cost of a wedding, mortgage, and kids won’t be such a major blow.

You are aware of the type of person you are

Instead of being the newly graduated person from the university who has just entered a practical life and a world of adults, when you reach your 30s you become someone completely different. At that time you become a strong and independent individual and you know exactly who you are as a person. Also, you have had the opportunity to grow throughout the 20 years and now, your personality will be immovable. This will give you enough confidence to face life, love, and relationships like never before.

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