Reasons Why You Should Not Invite An Ex To Your Wedding


He’s no longer your No. 1 guy, but if you’re still in contact with an ex-boyfriend — whether you run in the same work or social circles, or have children together — you might be toying with the idea of inviting him to your wedding. But is it really a good idea to invite an ex to your wedding? Here’s what we think; Inviting an ex to your wedding is a bad idea. Here’s why:

Past is always sad

 With the ex walking into the wedding hall (if invited) also walks in a sense of grief, rejection or betrayal (as the case may be) she/he is a strong reminder of.

You’ll have trouble introducing them.

If the thought of saying, “This is my friend Mike,” to your grandmother feels weird and unnatural, don’t invite your ex. If the only way you think of them is as your ex, it’s going to be awkward for everyone involved—and definitely not the day to do it.

How long ago were you together?

There is a huge difference between a primary or high school relationship where you dated for a few months and then moved on amicably, and an eight-year relationship which came extremely close to (or may have included) an engagement.

If you were seriously in love with this ex and still have fleeting flashback moments, it’s best that they are not around on your wedding day.

I know how to move on without you by my side

 A pure case of unrequited love. This is the most volatile condition of inviting an ex to your wedding. Anger and vengeance are the overpowering emotions playing here. You want to prove to your ex you have moved on and that the latter is still rotting in a miserable state (unless of course there’s a new partner here too).

You’ll be worried about how they’ll act.

Ask yourself these questions: Can your ex be trusted to politely and respectfully enjoy the evening without any supervision? Is your ex delightful as can be sober, but a totally different person drunk? Absolutely avoid any potential sad, nostalgic tears, or even worse, aggressive parking lot fights at the after-party.

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