Must Read: Advice For The Newly Engaged Couples


Congratulations! you just got engaged! Well, don’t get so carried away that you end up breaking up with your fiancee before your wedding. This is a new phase of your relationship and with it comes a new phase of challenges.

If you recently got engaged, here are some pieces of advice for you:

Don’t Rush Into Planning

Take some time to enjoy your engagement before you start planning anything. Talk with your fiancé about what you both want for the wedding — it’s important to include him. Also, make a budget and don’t get suckered in by the first offer from a vendor that blows your budget out of the window. Once you sign those contracts, you’re stuck with them.

Set boundaries.

When you do start the planning process, it is important that you have a sit-down with all parties involved and discuss the big picture from responsibilities to budget. The biggest piece of advice that I can give is that communication and organization are key. Not only does this help everyone get on the same page, but it also avoids future conflicts.

Meet the parents.

I will assume that you have already met each other’s parents, but have your parents met one another? If not, now is the time to make that happen. Traditionally, the parents of the groom reach out to the parents of the bride and arrange to meet or at least talk over the phone. This is the first step in laying the foundation for a good relationship between the parents. They may be working together in the planning of wedding or pre-wedding events.

Think of the engagement phase as the first date.

You want to impress them. You don’t want to be late. You want to do the right things and say the right words. You want to learn more about them. You want to have fun with each other. You don’t want to give yourself away and show all sides of you just yet. And most importantly, you want to see them again. The first date recipe to a lifetime marriage.

Share the news with those closest to you before you share it with the world.

It’s tempting to want to shout your engagement from the rooftops, but make sure you savor the moment with your new fiance and then break the big news in person or with a personal call before you post to social. Grandparents, parents, siblings, and close friends all deserve to hear of your engagement directly from you and not while they’re scrolling through their news-feeds.

Remember what’s most important.

Weddings are never just about the two of you, the honeymoon is! That being said, take into consideration that you will need to learn how to work and cooperate with family members, the annoying cousins, or his/her ignorant best friend. For what it’s worth, at least you can look back and say that you had made the best of –those– moments in your life with him/her.

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