Key Reasons Why You Should Have A Small Intimate Wedding

small wedding

No doubt, the wedding guest list is sure to be one of the most challenging aspects of wedding planning, as the number of people you end up inviting ultimately cuts into your budget. But if you decide to keep it short (and stick to it!), you can cater to a smaller group in very special ways.

Here’s why you should have a small wedding:

Friendly to your budget

Planning a small wedding allows you to significantly cut back your spending to save you money that you can spend on important things like a payment for a new house, fancy honeymoon, or simply more spending on other wedding items. You get to not only reduce the number of wedding invitations you will have to send, but also save time and money on more silverware, meals, chairs, tables, and wedding favors.

Easy Management

It is the biggest dream of every couple to make their wedding ceremony a perfect, flawless event and cherish only the good memories. In order to make an event perfectly successful, there should be an ease in its management, and this is possible with a smaller wedding. There are innumerable things to be done as a part of wedding preparations, which requires many hands at work. The smallest mistake may spoil the entire event, and if this happens in front of a huge crowd, it would be even more embarrassing. Hence, it is ideal to keep it small, simple, and easily manageable.

More Intimate Experience

With larger weddings, things can tend to get a bit impersonal. You may have friends or family members attending the event that you haven’t seen in years and who you may know little or nothing about. Smaller affairs allow you to share and cherish your special event with those who are closest to you and who you love and care about the most.

You have more options when choosing a venue.

Since you won’t need a large space to accommodate your guests, many small wedding venues will be open to you. A smaller guest list means more creative venue options like bed and breakfasts, museums, art galleries and restaurants.


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