6 Mistakes You Should Totally Avoid Before Your Wedding


Your wedding is probably the biggest and most intricate event you’ll ever plan and execute in your life — so it’s quite easy to step into a few pitfalls along the way. Here, the biggest mistakes couples make when planning their big day, and tips and advice to avoid those wedding planning landmines whenever possible.

Worrying about the weather

If you’ve always dreamed of an outdoor wedding, but live in a county of constant rain, plan for the worse. Yes, you can still organize an outdoor ceremony, but make sure you have a backup location in case Mother Nature does not comply. That way you do not have to stress about what happens if it rains. You already know what you’ll do in the event that this happens. Besides, rain on a wedding day is lucky!


For something you sip, alcohol carries a ton of extra calories, so you may want to cut back even earlier than the week before your wedding. As for immediate effects, alcohol can make you look and feel puffy due its sulfur-bearing gases and other qualities that weaken your digestive system. (And who wants to say “I do” feeling like a marshmallow? We thought not.) What’s more, alcohol dilates your blood vessels, which can lead to wedding picture-compromising redness

 Wondering if you’re making the right choice

 Your wedding day should not be the day you are questioning if you are marrying the right person. That is what your dating and engagement period is for. You should be sure of your decision when you’re standing across the altar from your fiancé. It is okay to be nervous, and you should know that marriage is not easy, you will fight, you will go through hard times, but if you are sure of your love for each other, and understand it is a process, then you’ll be okay.

Not hiring a professional

Professionals are key people in your day who specialize in their fields.  It’s very important to do your research before hiring your vendors.  Read reviews, talk to previous clients, and don’t let a low price be your only deciding factor.  Ensure that contracts are detailed and fully understand what you are receiving.

Going to bed too late

We know it might be difficult to sleep with all the excitement, but endeavor to hit the sheets at a reasonable time. Even if your still awake, lying down in the dark will help rest the mind and body so that you are fresh for the next day.

Forgetting the Meaning of the Word “Budget”

You started off well — figuring how much you could save, how much your parents would give, and what you already had in your bank account. But before you knew it, you spent twice what you budgeted for apparel on shoes alone, and the caterers laughed at you when you told them the food budget. At this point, a lot of couples would just throw costs out the window, and wind up starting a new life together thousands of shillings in debt. Instead, use the budget as a tool to figure out what you can cut, what you can save and where other income might come from. Not only will budgeting help you afford your wedding, but it’s an important skill for your married life together.

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