6 Essential Beauty Appointments To Make Before Your Wedding Day

Planning a wedding is not an easy task. Deciding the venue, dress, decor, catering, and a lot more will drain all the energy out of you. But in the midst of the planning and running around, the bride often forgets about her beauty treatments. After all, on the day of your wedding, all eyes are going to be on you. Hence, you should be looking your best.

To make planning these tasks a little less stressful, I have listed below all the necessary treatments that you will need to schedule before your big day.

1. Dermatologist

No matter what your skin issues, visiting your dermatologist will help get your skin on track before your wedding. If adult acne is a big concern, your doctor can work with you to determine the best skincare routine for your skin type. They can also be the ones you call to zap the zit with a cortisone shot if an unexpected blemish pops up the day before your wedding.

2. Dentist

 You’d do well to get in early to see a cosmetic dentist. In your one on one consultation, discuss the different treatments available, what maintenance is involved, costs (including payment plans that can lessen the burden of upfront payments) and the entire timeline. Whether it’s Invisalign that can take upwards of 6 months and cost in the thousands, or teeth whitening that can lead to some immediate sensitivity, having time on your side is invaluable here.

3. Facials

Facials should be scheduled for at least six weeks before the wedding, This is to ensure that there’s enough time for the skin to lift sun damage or calm breakouts.

If you’ve been following a specific facial routine for awhile, your last treatment can be as late as two days before your wedding day. But if you haven’t had anything quite as regimented, your final pre-wedding facial should be no later than ten days before the event, in case of sensitivity or breakouts.

4. Plucking/waxing

Have your eyebrows groomed and/or tinted four days before the wedding. Keep the shape close to your natural brow contour, with added grooming and definition. If planning a bikini, underarm or other waxing, schedule at the same time.

5. Hair Stylist

Up? Down? Half-up/half-down? There are tons of options when it comes to your day-of hairstyle and your stylist can walk you through all of them. It’s customary to visit your stylist for a hair trial a few month before your wedding, but for even better results take it a step further. Visit your stylist twice, once for a cut and once for a style. It will give your stylist the chance to familiarize themselves with your hair type and help you brainstorm the best style for you.

6. Massages

Let the stress of the event soak out of your body with a luxurious massage. While massages have no set day and time that would be “best” for you as a bride, it certainly all depends upon your timeline and schedule the week of the wedding. If you’ll be crazy busy, it may be easier to plan for a nice stress-busting massage earlier in the week, rather than waiting for the day-of.

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